Learn to Yoyo

Learn how to yoyo from The King’s Yomen at YoYoTricks.com.

In 2009 Adam Bottiglia from The King’s Yomen was invited to be the sponsor for a new line of yoyos coming out of Australia by Peter Fish. These yoyos have been sold around the world, including at Walgreens here in the US. These yoyos are designed to help bring a yoyoer from beginner to advanced yoyo skill.

These yoyos can also be purchased after the King’s Yomen programs and at YoYoTricks.com.

If you would like to give these yoyos away at an event contact The King’s Yomen and ask about discounted pricing.

Here is the commercial that was filmed to promote the line of yoyos. It appeared in stores alongside the yoyo display.