About The King’s Yomen

The King’s Yomen have been performing together for over 20 years. They present a unique program combining drama and yo-yo skills that has proved captivating and compelling to all ages.

  • Children are naturally fascinated by their yo-yo skills.
  • Youth enjoy their skits and identify with their testimonies.
  • Adults find their performances both entertaining and inspirational.

The yo-yo is unique because every generation can identify with it. The Yomen push this skill to the next level, creating an exciting program that can be enjoyed by all.

Yo-Yo ministry??

The King’s Yomen is a local, Michigan based, ministry that uses yo-yos, comedy, and drama to share Christ.  They have been active for over 20 years, and would love to come and serve at your church.

Who are these people?
The King’s Yomen is run by brothers Adam and Roland Bottiglia.
Beyond their impressive yo-yo skills, it is very important to them to present a clear picture of the gospel.

Adam – After graduating from Moody Bible institute, Adam went on to get a Master Degree in Church History from Wheaton College in Illinois, and an additional Masters of Theology emphasizing Biblical Studies from Western Seminary in Oregon.  His education is ongoing studying at Trinity University.  Adam currently runs Yoyotricks.com which is the largest archive of video based yo-yo trick tutorials in the world.  It is said that most kids ages 12 and under that have learned yo-yo tricks have learned from him.

Roland – After graduating from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids Michigan in 1998 with a business degree, Roland went on to help establish Modern Messages Dance Co.  Modern Messages is a Christian based dance studio in White Lake Michigan that uses dance as a tool to mentor young dancers.  They have over 250 dancers they weekly share Christ with, and teach them how to share their gifts with others.

Is this only a kids show?
Because they use toys to present the gospel, people assume The King’s Yomen is just a kids show.  However, the yo-yo has been around for generations, so everyone from old timers to young tots will all enjoy the show.  The King’s Yomen are able to gauge their audience and tailor their show as needed.  In their 20 years they have performed for preschools all the way up to the teaching staff of Trinity University, from Sunday morning services to college student assemblies and everything in between.

Where are they from?
The King’s Yomen are based out of White Lake Michigan.

Can we afford this?
The King’s Yomen is a local ministry, so they have the ability to work with almost any budget.  They have a standard fee they typically charge, but they never want that to get in the way of the opportunity minister and will work with the venue’s individual needs.